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Content vs. Learning

A learning lab is a collection of electronic content on a specific topic. These are pieces of content that you can work on yourself. However, content does not always mean learning. We therefore need to ensure that the learner will actually engage in practising what is proposed in the content.


Learning labs can be used in different ways to improve certain soft skills. How you do this depends to a large extent on the learning culture and the technical tools already in place. One organisation may want to integrate these learning labs into an LMS platform, while another may want to create newsletters or use the material during intervision, coaching or training. So there are many ways to deploy e-content.

To Buy or to Rent?

We distinguish two different ‘practices’ which, for the sake of convenience, we place under the heading ‘To Buy or To Rent’:

One organisation will be happy to incorporate these Learning Labs into an LMS platform, another will be happy to create newsletters from them or to use the material during intervision, coaching or training sessions. In this case, one or more Learning Labs are purchased and integrated on the client’s system (in the form of so-called iFrames).

In addition, The Tipping Point has its own learning platform where the Learning Labs can be deployed before, during and/or after training sessions in order to increase the learning effect. Together with the client, we examine what the objectives are and which Learning Labs will be used at which moment. The only thing we need from the client is x number of e-mail addresses and then we create a personalised learning environment. The participants log in once with a password agreed upon beforehand and can follow up on their personal domain which Learning Labs they have already followed and which ones they have not yet.

So there are various ways of using the e-content.

1 | To Buy: On your own learning management system (LMS)

When you buy one or more Learning Labs, you get the user rights and can use them within your organisation as you wish. Do you have your own platform? Then you can simply incorporate them and link them to all kinds of initiatives. This may involve sharing information, preparing employees for certain interviews or using them as a reference work after certain trainings. The choice is entirely up to you.

For each Learning Lab purchased, you will receive both the individual building blocks (such as a video and an interactive pdf) and an iFrame that you can easily link to your own learning platform. The advantage of such an iFrame is that the different steps of a Learning Lab are clearly visible and connected. Watch the short video below about how this looks in practice.

Note: it is a collection of e-content but not e-learning. That means it’s up to you to embed them in the right way.

2 | To Rent: On the learning platform of The Tipping Point

Learning Labs are ideal for ‘flipping‘ learning. This means that a lot of the theory is already gone through and processed before the participants come to a live training or coaching session. They watch and process the material and bring the self-reflection assignments to the live moments. This saves time and increases the impact. Therefore The Tipping Point has built its own learning platform. Together with the client, we determine which Learning Labs are useful for the participants and when they will be offered to the participants. All participants receive a password and by means of their email address they can log in to their personal environment. All Learning Labs that are ‘rented’ remain available for one year so that each participant can refer back to the presented content afterwards (content curation).

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