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A Learning Lab is a collection of e-content on a specific topic. This content is presented in different formats. The learner can watch videos on the subject, read in-depth e-magazines, take part in e-quizzes, browse the online library, take on challenges and reflect on themselves.
As an organisation, you can choose to give your employees access to the learning labs on our platform or you can integrate them into your own learning platform.

The modular nature of these components ensures that they can be used as stand-alone learning initiatives, but can just as easily be implemented as part of a wider learning journey.

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Asking for

Lower the threshold by asking for feedback


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Resilience on point

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My resilient

Get to know the 6 brain strategies

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Below you will find an overview of the different learning labs we offer by theme.
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Just enough, just in time

Learn just enough when you need it!

Content curation

Content translated in a scientific and accessible way.

To blend or not

All at once or piece by piece? It’s up to you!

Learning that sticks!

The Tipping point

Training and implementing skills in a way that they stay with you is our core business!

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