Why learn through Learning Labs?

Learning that sticks!


"Learning that sticks"

“Learning that sticks”, is our motto. This sounds logical, but putting it into practice is another matter. In recent years, we have been experimenting a lot with different forms of ‘learning’. This is how our learning labs came about: a collection of electronic content around a specific (soft) skill that can be used in different ways to generate impact.

Stand-alone solution or blended learning pathway

Our learning labs are designed to be used as stand-alone learning solutions. We provide the content and you use it as and when you want. Whether you want to use the content in a newsletter or prefer to put it on your own platform, it’s possible!


In addition, you can also use our learning labs as part of a blended learning path. Before a training or coaching session, they can already provide the participants with the necessary theoretical insights, so that during the training we can focus on practice. And after the training, they can be used as a refresher course. We will be happy to put the puzzle together with you!

Autonomous learning: “just enough, just in time”

We believe that the learner should be placed at the centre and have access to the content when they need it. This learner-centred approach means that we empower the learner to independently engage with content and skills that answer specific questions or solve specific problems at that moment.

Each learning lab therefore consists of four learning tools that are structured according to the pedagogical principles of autonomous learning. We can divide them into four categories that recur in each learning lab.

In short (2 min.) explanatory videos, the topics are presented in a playful way. The aim of these videos is to frame the question "What's in it for me?", to motivate the learner and to clearly define the purpose of the learning lab.
The participant can work with more information during a deep dive. Sometimes we want more information or we want to dig deeper. This is possible here! This deep dive can take different forms, from a digital magazine to visually appealing summaries around the topic.
Of course, the intention is not to overload the learner's brain with information. If we want the information to persist, we need to allow enough space to process it. The processing phase consists of various quizzes, case and/or model work to start with.
Finally, in the self-reflection phase, we offer the learner a commitment. Here we take the time to think about how he/she can put what he/she has learned into practice. These assignments are designed to be used individually or to be used in individual interviews, intervision, training and/or coaching sessions.

Content Curation

Learning labs are also ideal for content curation: the collection and aggregation of information around a specific topic. The different contents are then placed on a platform (private or not) so that participants can access them at any time.

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